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Our applications are very user friendly. It is very easy to setup and also our technical support team help all the system set-up at the beginning.

Our computer programmers build the applications. So, we provide software update and program adjust

Quick-serve application supports English only. Restaurant application supports English, Korean, Chinese, Spanish

Of course! We provide off line training and if you have any questions about the program you can just call us anytime.

We provide national wise remote or visit technical assistance. If you need onsite technical assistance, please contact us to 703-539-8069

NAU POS provides cash, credit card, debit card, EBT card(food stamp) and gift card.

It is depends on what kind of business you are running and what system you need. Please contact us 703-539-8069

Sure! we provides all the hardware including receipt/kitchen printers, scanner, scale, cash drawer, payment devices and etc that you need.

POS Minimum Required