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What is a Kiosk?

A kiosk is a computer terminal that provides information and applications. They are installed in high-traffic public areas such as bookstores, shopping malls, exhibition halls or airports for business purposes. It’s a simple device where people can easily get access to information with just a touch of a finger as most kiosk machines are touch screens.

Why Do People Use Kiosks?

It reduces labor costs.

Using self-service kiosks can benefit not only the customers but also the employers. Less human staff are required to serve clients which results in resource savings for the business.


It suits modern people’s tastes.

The usage of a kiosk system minimizes face-to-face contact between people in the store. This is considered one of the greatest advantages of the post-corona era. Kiosks machines also have benefits such as less queuing and reducing waiting times for customers. This helps the customer experience by providing them the control of finding information on their own.


It makes easier to pay.

The system assists customers to make payments much easier and faster. Customers will quickly glance at the menu options with real-life images and descriptions to decide what to order and make payments using multiple functions all in one place. This not only minimizes unnecessary misunderstandings and disputes between customers and employees but also it reduces time for customers to wait in line to pay at the cashier. Using the kiosk system, all payments are made through the machine, easing money management transparent and thorough.

Why is Nau Kiosk Best?

Our kiosk system is very straightforward. There is no training needed to use the system. The machine itself is connected to the Nau POS program, so when a customer places an order, the POS automatically reads the order and prints out the receipt from the receipt printer and a kitchen printer. The kiosk interface is also very simple and can be used by anybody who is not familiar with a machine or software.

Our kiosk has a separate server, so business owners can easily modify menus through the server computer instead of adding and constructing on the system separately. If more than one kiosk needs to be installed, simply just add another kiosk to the server station.