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POS System

“Nau Computer’s POS uses a self-supporting program. That’s why you can trust it”


pos_2Fast and accurate service at the cash Register matches the good impression your product creates, whether your business is a restaurant, dry cleaner, pharmacy, beauty supply, dental or law office, or something else.
Nau Computer is here to provide the product and service that you always wanted.
It’s time to take a step closer to success with Nau.
Nau Computer’s POS Service offers integrated IT solutions developed by NAU itself

Quick-Service POS

<span>Quick-Service</span> POS

Start running your quick service business on a smarter and quicker Point of Sale system....

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Restaurant POS

<span>Restaurant</span> POS

Nau POS software offers the flexibility to manage your business your way. Whether you....

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Super Market POS

<span>Super</span> Market POS

Super Market POS software it’s a store management system that’ll help....

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Ice-cream shop POS

<span>Ice-cream</span> shop POS

Laundry POS

<span>Laundry</span> POS

Liquor Store POS

<span>Liquor</span> Store POS

Beauty Supply POS

<span>Beauty</span> Supply POS

Pharmacy POS

<span>Pharmacy</span> POS

3 Steps Support

  • Call Support – Immediate action
  • Remote Support – TeamViewer
  • Visiting Support – May require extra charge