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What does digital signage look like?

What is digital signage?

Nau developed the media player which operates our system.
The system is long-lasting, and its installation is easy.
Because Nau’s Menu is digital, and not a printout manufactured by any signboard business, the contents can easily be changed.
Nau developed its system for easy updates, and permanent maintenance is included.

Display More Than Just a Picture

· You don’t need Computer or DVDs anymore!

· Nau’s system operates as soon as the power is turned on

· Nau’s system can play Video, Images, and MP3s

· Nau’s system can be updated anytime, anywhere

· Nau offers a variety of models and players : approximately 10 to choose  from 

· Your business logo can be displayed in the space under the monitor

· All Nau’s systems are easy to move, and can be installed where it’s convenient

· A Headline News messaging system is available

· Maintenance of Nau’s system is simple and easy

How does the technology work?


Are you ready to start a new digital signage project, or thinking of upgrading an existing network?